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June 1, 2024
I went to the bank (and stayed in the car). I went to the grocery (and stayed in the car). I dug up an old face mask, circa 2020. I stayed inside and watched it rain. And I did a lot of coughing and sniffling.

June 2, 2024
These barn swallows didn`t seem happy to see me. I don`t have hay fever this year. The finest in poultry portraiture (see July 15, 2022). I managed to avoid getting rained on. Crawling around the ground at Possum Creek Farm.

June 3, 2024
I went out for a morning walk. It was a beautiful spring morning. A lot of money went into this brand new charter school. Dayton:  The Place Where the Rivers Meet. Never cross a goose.

June 4, 2024
This hawk was minding its own business, but was then harassed by a squadron of little birds until it flew away. Well, maybe a decade later it`s possible to say that. Everything that Cruises Must Converge. Go sit in the corner. My first experience with Japanese chocolate was satisfying.

June 5, 2024
Sweet sparrow, sing a stirring song of springtime. I`m not sure if anything I`ve ever accomplished is as important as what the insects do. I didn`t want to take another day of city photos. You think I can`t see you? This is the only easy photo I took today.

June 6, 2024
There`s always a skipper here (see May 16, 2024). There`s always a dragonfly here (see May 16, 2024). Maybe there`s always a tiny praying mantis here, but I`ve never noticed it before. As I took this at 9:55am, there was a `smash cake` photo shoot going on nearby.  The baby was still sleepy. It looks like a fireworks show.

June 7, 2024
It`s splashing season at RiverScape MetroPark. He`s a good boy -- or, police officer. I`ll admit this was an impressive costume. I enjoy walking to work.  I enjoy walking home even more. This is why I always carry a camera with me.

June 8, 2024
Work continues on the Oregon Distric Memorial (see May 29, 2024). Plants in synergy. Large bee. Small bee. I had time today to read some fine literature.

June 9, 2024
A grass skipper with just a touch of iridescence. Plants in synergy. A hawk receives helpful advice from smaller birds about where to relocate (see June 4 above). Among the Paths to Eden. The underappreciated pollinator.

June 10, 2024
This bike path alongside the river is part of a yet-to-be-completed cross country bicycle route. A mellow mallard. Flag Day is coming up this Friday. In this part of the country, we`ve got plenty of water. Laying the foundation for a memorial (see June 8 above).

June 11, 2024
There`s an art to parking in the city, and not everyone is good at art. If you have to work outside, today was the perfect day. Another random act of patriotism (see June 10 above). A city dweller like me. As I took a picture of these complex lines at the library, someone walked out and said `I`m not camera ready.`

June 12, 2024
They`re close now, but families drift apart. How to stay cool on a hot afternoon. I have a thing for redheads. One apostle or another. Basically a rat with a bushy tail.

June 13, 2024
Festivities under a railroad bridge. There`s plenty of room for luggage in this plane. There`s a right way and a wrong way to photograph a trombonist.  Would I show you the wrong way? Maybe this is my third place. Make note:  this is a Sousaphone, not a tuba.

June 14, 2024
It`s motorcycle season in the Oregon District. Lots of bad luck represented here. I stood in the hot sun and waited for a bug. It was a productive day, but I had little time for photos. I sometimes go to extreme lengths to get that fifth photo.